Sidekicks is an international growth consultancy using Facebook and Instagram to generate and scale revenue growth.

We believe that businesses die when they focus on channels that don’t generate revenue. Our focus is to help your company increase revenue and profitability at the same time.

Three Ways To Work With Us:

Growth Expert On Demand

It’s never been easier to get a Growth Expert on your team. Whether you need a quick opinion on creative, help structuring a campaign, or another set of hands for ad creation, we step in as an on-demand resource for any budget.

Paid Social Ads Management

We come up with a multi-step acquisition strategy for Facebook and Instagram. We test creative, audiences, placements, and optimization variants. We find the most profitable approach, then scale efforts.


Foot Traffic Generation

Even in a digital age, many businesses rely completely on in-person visits in order to generate revenue. We build a strategy designed to increase offline sales in your restaurant, retail shop, etc.

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Logan Herzog

Logan’s roots run through San Francisco, but he was raised in the southern US. The son of an entrepreneur, Logan was always interested in media and technology. That lead him to pursue a degree in Social Media Marketing from LDS Business College.

After school, Logan worked for a B2B SaaS company before deciding to go out on his own to help startups use Facebook and Instagram ads. Those efforts evolved into what is now Sidekicks.


Whitney Erikson

Whitney grew up in a small town in Idaho where the high school mascot was literally a russet potato. She attended LDS Business College and studied Social Media Marketing, then went on to study Sociology and Business at Brigham Young University.

Whitney spent some time working with ad agency Penna Powers, and VC firm University Impact. She used her business acumen to help take Sidekicks from glorified freelancing to a thriving business.


Be Confident

We know we have what it takes to help our clients succeed. We are also willing to admit what we don’t know or when we make a mistake. Clients can have confidence that we will take the initiative, not wait around for someone else to tell us what to do. They can also be sure that we won’t try to cover something up when things go wrong, or that we will sugar coat unflattering data. For us, true confidence is a clear conscience that comes from doing right by those we work with.


Be Daring

We don’t shy away from risk, and we don’t back down from challenges. We lead others into the unknown, embracing the ambiguity while bringing clarity to the situation. We encourage clients to get outside their comfort zone and try something new. We believe we need to back that up with competence and the ability to use data to track and justify each new initiative.

Lift Others

Business is tough. Things don’t always go as planned, and that can take an emotional toll on those involved. That’s why we set out to lift people up when things get tough. We want to be our clients’ biggest cheerleader, not a third-party vendor watching from the stands. We face the ugly side of business head on, with a positive attitude as our driving force.

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