Who We Are

Sidekicks was founded by Logan Herzog and Whitney Erikson with the goal to “reduce the startup mortality rate”. We do this by using Facebook as a platform for startup product launches. We embed ourselves on our client’s team for 3 months at a time and help them identify product/market fit and build scalable growth campaigns.


Logan Herzog

Logan grew up in the Southern US, but his family roots run through the Bay Area. Whether it was with Google or Bill Walsh’s west coast offense, he has always been obsessed with west coast innovation. His desire to work with startups stems from this obsession. To Logan, startups are the hinges upon which the doors of human progression swing.

In his spare time, Logan is a wannabe blues guitarist and an avid Bay Area Sports fan. He will never admit that he actually enjoys when his daughter makes him watch My Little Pony with her. Him and his wife Ashlee love trying new restaurants and watching fail videos on YouTube


Whitney Erikson

Whitney grew up in a small town in Idaho where the high school mascot was literally a russet potato. She’s come a long way since then. She is fascinated with companies that have a social impact. She currently helps manage deals at University Impact Fund, an up-and-coming impact VC firm based in Provo UT. Whitney is drawn to work with startups because she loves "the stress, wins, and doing things nobody has ever done." \

In her spare time, Whitney spends her time snowmobiling, cooking, and watching Seahawks football with her family. Her life goal is "to never have a regular day job".